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When deciding the new home route that’s best for you, it’s important to keep an open mind.  Explore all your options and choose a project-style that checks all of your boxes
without breaking your budget.

Custom Home

A custom home project is when you work directly with Alex Meisner Construction and his design team to design, plan and select every single detail about the home’s construction, layout, and finish.  And when we say “everything”, we mean EVERY-THING.  You are responsible for selecting everything from the number of bedrooms to the color of the doorknobs.


As such, custom homes are perfect for people who enjoy a detail-oriented process and generally are not willing to compromise on their vision.

Eagle Ridge Dr Exteriors-33.jpg

Semi-Custom Home

When building a “Semi Custom Home” you get to choose a floor plan (Specific to the individual subdivision) that best fits your family’s needs. The home design cannot be changed but you may be offered different options (at an additional cost) such as an unfinished basement or a 3rd car garage.  Once you have determined which plan works for you, you will then meet with the Alex Meisner Construction team to sign off on the floor plan and to customize the interior selections, materials and finishes.


If you have a vision of your new home but aren’t interested in spending the time and money needed to fully customize it, a semi custom home might be perfect for you.  


Move-in Ready Home

A move-in ready home is a pre-determined house plan designed on a lot carefully chosen by Alex Meisner himself.  The interior selections are made and ordered by the talented Alex Meisner Construction Design Team. These homes are built to completion and sold to the customer without the stress of the decision making process.


Move-in ready home designs are accommodating and outfitted with the consumer in mind.

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