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Settler's Square - Enoch, Ut 

Settler's Square offers Move-in ready and semi-custom homes

and is committed to working side by side with you to craft a homesite, floor plan and design package that is the perfect fit for you.  the homesites are about 0.3 acre, creating ample space between neighbors, room for small outbuildings, RVs, trailers, and more. Settler's Square also gives you the opportunity to experience quiet, country living while still being only minutes away from city conveniences.

Available Pre-Built homes


Photo for reference only

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Sonoma     Lot 21

3 Bed   l   2 Bath   l   2 Car Garage   


Photo for reference only

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Wasatch     Lot 36

4 Bed   l   2.5 Bath   l   2 Car Garage   

Lot 26 Phs 2.jpeg

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Photo for reference only

Godfrey     Lot 37

3 Bed   l   2 Bath   l   3 Car Garage   


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Photo of Home

Dover     Lot 39

3 Bed   l   2 Bath   l   3 Car Garage   

Or, choose your lot and plan

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While we strive to maintain an accurate representation of available lots on the website,

it is subject to change. Please confirm lot availability by contacting us directly.

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"From the selling agent Jenny Vossler, to meeting with Alex Meisner and his design team the process was excellent. We really appreciated the communication and the attention to detail from job site superintendent  Jake! We chose Alex Meisner Construction because we have family who used them for their home and were aware of his excellent reputation and quality"

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